Anastasia is available to speak on evidence based birth, foster care/adoption, and faith. Anastasia has been a trained doula for 8 years but has been attending births as support for 11 years.  She currently trains new doulas, is the leader of her local International Cesarean Awareness Network chapter, provides postpartum doula support, and childbirth education.  She is also a foster adoptive mother who actively worked recruiting new families and developing effective retention practices for 4 years.  She is passionate about educating others about evidence based birth and foster care/adoption.  Her faith is always weaved into all that she has learned in these two subjects.


Consultation on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean/Childbirth Education/Doula Services

Anastasia is available for consultation on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean for individuals either in person or via Skype.  

Anastasia is available for Childbirth education on an individual basis but always recommends a group class as an important part of the prenatal journey.

Anastasia offers Birth and Postpartum doula services to a limited number of clients.  Please contact her for price and availabitlity.


Consultation on Adoption/Fostercare

Anastasia is available to consult with adoptive and pre-adoptive families about the process and how to talk to children about their stories. Anastasia can also help you weed through the never ending maze of which avenue to pursue when researching foster care/adoption.

Anastasia can consult and train foster care/adoption professionals on how to effectively recruit and retain foster/adoptive parents.  Anastasia helps professionals to think outside the box so that they can recruit the highest quality parents and also retain those parents. 

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