Adoption Day

4 years ago we finalized the adoption of our sweet twins Luke and Ava. I always say adoption day is a mix of emotions and it is.  Because as you sign your name making a child(ren) legally yours two parents have lost their rights to their children.  It is truly Joy and Sorrow mingled together.  I can't imagine life without these two love bugs and yet sometimes I am struck by grief that the momma who gave them life is missing all of this!  That their first dad who loves them deeply can't care for them. 

Yet in the middle of the sorrow Joy springs up.  these twins are loved and adored.  They have changed the life of everyone around them. They have brought Joy we would have never known and taught us to love in the face of fear.  If you have ever wondered why I am an eternal optimist in the face of difficult circumstances you can just ask me about our adoption journey with Trevor, Luke, and Ava.  

Easter 2013 3 days after they came home from the NICU

Easter 2013 3 days after they came home from the NICU

If you are considering foster care and/or adoption my encouragment to you is embrace the beauty and the ashes together.  Because if we don't acknowledge the ashes we can't acknowledge the beauty the LORD has brought about from the ashes.  And that my friends is the miracle of adoption.

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