You Are Worthy

I don't know about you but I often struggle with self worth.  I am quick to go to the worst places. Thinking "I am not worthy to be a part of this." Or "Why would they want to spend time with me?"  " Am I really worthy of this calling?" Often I feel that I am easily replaceable. Do you ever feel that way?

This last weekend we went on a spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz; the town that we lived in for 9 years.  It is where all of our children were born and where we lived for the majority of our marriage.  On Sunday we went to the church we consider home there and I was blessed beyond belief by our friend Jackie who was doing the sermon.  It was a sermon I don't think I realized I needed until that morning.

Jackie had given sermon notes with fill in the blanks and there is one spot I just keep reading over and over.  I love it so much I feel compelled to share it as I know I can't be the only one who needs to be reminded of these truths.

The Truth About How God Sees Me:

I am deeply loved

My value is immeasurable

I was created with purpose

My challenge is to spend the week speaking these truths over myself.  Will you join me?  I am going to post this list around my house and even in the car.  My hope is that it will change my week because I will view myself and others through the lens that God.


Always remember you are a beloved child of God uniquely created for a purpose that no one else can complete.